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Baking Science & Technology

Course Description

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Baking Science & Technology Foundation Course involves both lecture classes as well as workshop classes. Emphasis are mainly on understanding the functions of ingredients, touching the basics on cake and bread problem solving skills, understanding recipe formulations, and understanding and calculating the difference between baker percent and true percent. This course is designed primarily for students planning to challenge the traditional way of learning through trial and error and upgrade their understanding on the science and technology that are involved in baking.


This foundation course is suitable for all students, from home bakers to bakery startups to industrial bakers. For experienced bakers, this course will increase their knowledge on baking and upgrade their problem solving skills. For beginner bakers, this course will provide a foundation knowledge on baking and will provide a better understanding on the functions of ingredients. 


This is a lecture – workshop course in which topics are presented by the instructor/s in the morning and the topics are put to practice in the evening. This foundation course therefore assumes no previous experience on baking are required. Tutorials will be given at the end of the course for the students to know how much they have understood from the course.


- To introduce students to the functions of ingredients.

- To introduce students on the basics on cake and bread problem solving skills.

- To introduce students to the understanding recipe formulations.

- To introduce students to baker percent and true percent.

- To introduce students to the different mixing methods for Dough and Batter.

- To provide students with opportunities to develop basic knowledge on substituting different ingredients in the recipes.


The course lecture will cover the following topics:

     - Function of Ingredients for Cakes

     - Function of Ingredients for Bread

     - Wheat Flour Utilization

     - Ratio and Proportion

     - Baker Percent and True Percent

     - Friction Factor and Temperature Control

     - Cake Mixing Method

     - Bread Mixing Method

     - Methods of Bread Making

     - Machineries (mixers & ovens)


The course workshop will cover over 30 basic recipes including: Bread, Cake, Cookie, Donuts, Puff Pastries, Choux Pastries, Chinese Pastry, Cheese Cake, Pizza, etc. The course encourages students to use their imagination to generate new creations based on the basic recipes. t is important for students to practice their skills at work/home after the course and apply their knowledge acquired from the course.

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