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Weekend Classes

Course Description

Come get a hands-on experience on Baking!

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Our Weekend Class is mainly hands - on workshop classes. In addition, our students will be introduced to calculating and converting different recipe amounts across the internet and recipe books. 

This Weekend Class is intended for all students, from home bakers to bakery startups to industrial bakers. This class will transform you into a more confident, more determined, more esteemed baker. Turn your Baking Hobby into a Success Story! 


This is a workshop course for students who are new to baking, are interested in getting more hands - on experience before opening up their own bakery shops or who wants to bake fresh products at home. This course do not require previous experience in baking.


- To familiarize the students with machines and ingredients.

- To let the students get a more hands - on experience.

- To inspire students on creating new products. 


The course workshop will cover over 30 recipes including: Bread, Cake, Cookie, Donuts, Puff Pastries, Choux Pastries, Chinese Pastry, Cheese Cake, Pizza, etc. The course inspires students to use their imagination to generate new creations based on the recipes.

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